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Life story
January 1, 1988
Patrick has three brothers, Steve, Frederick, and Kevin. We have been living in West Warwick for ten years. Ever since I can remember, my house has been full of kids from the neighborhood, school, etc. When I got married, I lived in Boston, Mass where Steve and Frederick were born. We moved to Pawtucket after living almost five years in Boston. Patrick and Kevin were born in Providence. We lived in Pawtucket from three different houses until my elder son, Steve, began high school; then we moved to West Warwick.

Before we had moved to West Warwick, I told my boys that we are moving to a small town... the neighbor is very calm. There are no kids outside. They told me, "Don't worry Mother, we will make friends within two weeks." I figure, we will be living in a quiet neighborhood, and I will not have their old friends crowding my house all day, because it's about half an hour driving. Was I wrong? Soon we had moved in, my sons started bringing new friends home. My house is still full of kids, boys, girls.

After two decades of noises, wrestling, arguing among the boys ( Patrick was very quiet as he was growing up. He had changed into a nice, kind, polite, and respectable son, friend) in my house, the whole atmosphere is changed. Steve has his own place. Patrick left my life to join God. I am very happy that Steve has his own place with his family. But with Patrick, my whole world, life is gone with him. My life is changed for the worse until I meet again my loving son. I can't think or want anything else but my Patrick in my life. 


                    GOD BLESS YOU PATRICK!


                My four sons: Steve, Frederick, Patrick, and Kevin

                                           Patrick and his girlfriend, Monica

                                                        My Family on a vacation in Disney World, Florida

                                               My elder son, Steve and his fiancee, Tina

                             My beloved son, Patrick and me

                                 Steve and his daughter Alyana

                               My son, Steve's daughter Braelynn

This is my Family.
July 17, 1988
Patrick was such a quiet baby. He was born July 17, 1988. When I left the hospital with my baby, I was in a lot of pain on my lower back and stomach. I took some pain medication before I left the hospital thinking it will eventually go away, but it never did. I got home with my baby, and the pain got more intense. The next day, the pain got so bad that I couldn't hold my baby. I was crying for my physical pain and also for my emotional pain because I could not take care of  my baby, Patrick. Luckily for myself and my baby we got rescued from my aunt who came from Senegal for a visit... and also the weather. It was mid-July, a nice summer,so my aunt could walk every morning to my house from where she was staying to take care of my baby.

After three days with pain, the doctor finally found the problem: I had Urinary infection. A week later of taking some prescribed antibiotics, I was back to being a mother to my poor baby.  All I could do then is staring at my baby with tears  while I was enduring my crucial pain. Thank God my aunt was here in America for a vacation because I don't know how I could have took care my baby.

And today I don't know who  is going to rescue me from my eternal pain for loosing the same baby boy whom I was yearning to hold in my arms for  a week. My pain now is unbearable to even think about it.

July 17, 1988

                                     MY SON, PATRICK CHRISTIAN BARBOSA: A beautiful Life begins

Patrick was born, July 17, 1988  at women& Infant hospital, in Providence. He was a big baby but the quietest baby among all his siblings. Growing up, he was a tough boy who loves to wrestle with his two elder brothers, Steve and Frederick and also his younger brother Kevin. Patrick was a very active child during his childhood who loves to play different activities, sports, etc until he reached adolescence, where he started to mellow down again into a quiet but still friendly, respectable son, brother, friend anyone could wish for.
Patrick loved to play the game World  WarCraft on the computer. He practically lived in front of his computer. He was dating a wonderful, quiet girl like him for almost three years. Patrick was the one child I was not worried about his future when it comes to relationship. He had a great, amazing relationship with his girlfriend, Monica. My son was enrolled at the community college of Rhode Island and was majoring in Computer Programming. He was even attending summer school until that fated week in July 14, 2009 where our lives changed forever, especially my life. Since my son, Patrick passed away. I don't know who am I or where am I going? My life is completly empty. My day begins every day the same horrible way full of painful memories of the last twenty four hours of my son's life that are torturing my mind and piercing my broken heart deeper and deeper. My constant crying of loosing a piece of womb and the restless sleeplest nights are unbearable. My great loss is unthinkable and no one could ever understand my pain or broken heart.

Patrick was sick one weekend with headache and vomitting. That Tuesday, July 14, I called his primary doctor to see my son  right away.  Monica and my oldest son, Steve took Patrick to the doctor, where his doctor gave them a choice to go either home or to the emergency department, after his primary doctor has reassured Patrick that he would be fine. Monica took then Patrick to the ER where my son was released several hours later after the ER doctor also said that my son would be fine... his diagnosis was a GI bug.  The next morning my worse nightmare started the moment I found my poor son lifeless in bed. Tragically, my son passed away from a brain edema not so- called GI bug. I don't know what went wrong from the last twenty four hours of his life? One day my son was fine, and the next fated morning Patrick was gone without a warning or a goodbye. Today, I am left alone, in shock, hopeless, helpless, with a lot of anger, guilt, and some unanswered questions. What happened to my son? Why? It's so unfair!

 I  still don't understand my sudden loss of my beloved Patrick... and I can't accept it. I am praying to God for help with every breath I take. I am so angry and I don't like the feeling... it's not me. Patrick was such an angel in this Earth, and he left an impression of his kindness, quietness, generosity, his angelic heart. In addition, he left his virtue of love and respect everywhere he went or everyone he had encountered in his short journey of life. These compliments are not just from my heart but everyone else heart who came to visit me. I can't stop thanking people for their sympathy and support as much I can't stop crying, missing, and hurting for my anguish, pain, loneliness; and longing for my Patrick.
August 25, 1989
The day before I had my younger son, Kevin, I was outside with Patrick and my landlord. I told my landlord, " I am due in a few weeks and Patrick is still not walking. ( Patrick was thirteen months old.) She  answers, " Are you kidding! Patrick is too lazy to walk. " " you will have to carry two babies for awhile." I said, " I hope not, Patrick is a good baby. He will help his mother." The next morning I was in labor and Patrick was still not walking. I headed for the hospital while I believe my sister took Patrick and his two elder brothers, Steve and Frederick to my aunt's house.  I had Kevin in the afternoon. My family came to visit me in the evening at the hospital. My aunt said, " Guess what? Patrick is walking all around my house after taking a few steps with me." I was so happy to hear that wonderful news. I guess Patrick was waiting for his mother to go to hospital  and have her baby before he gave me my wonderful surprise and gift of being a new mother. Great job, Patrick! You were a great baby, a wonderful son who has never disrespected me... and I am sure you are a great angel where you are. Keep up the good work, Son. I wish and pray you would have  kept  that great job right here with me where you belong. You were gone way too soon. Life is shattered now. Is it fair for your poor mother?

August 25, 1989
 I got pregnant of my younger son, Kevin, when Patrick was only five months old. The day the doctor called me to give me the news, I was feeding my baby, Patrick his bottle. The phone rang and I picked the receiver while still feeding my baby. Soon the doctor told me I was pregnant again, I was in  shock as tears  mist my eyes and poured my sad face. After I hanged up the phone, I kept staring at my baby, crying while feeling sorry for my baby. How can I get pregnant again, my baby is just five months old? I thought it was unfair for Patrick. But life goes on because I have another baby growing in my womb who need me too. I took care of my baby and myself to have a healthy pregnancy... I did well.

Today again, all my boys are big enough to take of themselves, but who will take care of my agony... Patrick is gone. He is not in my life anymore. How am I supposed to go on with life. I can't say anymore that life goes on because I am now living a nightmare. What's the future hold for a lost mother who has no clue how to take care of herself never mind her family.

April 4, 2007
 April 4, 2007, I worked 16 hours that day... my birthday, and when I got home after midnight I was surprised with a birthday cake, a bouquet of roses from my four sons: Steve, Frederick, Patrick, and Kevin. Patrick gave me a foot massage, which I never got used it. I will try use it one day for Patrick because I don't have the desire to do anything. That day, we had Pizza and the birthday cake. It was a very nice, touching birthday surprise that I did not expected.

Patrick's favorite food he usually eat the most that you would not see me eating as to me they are chunk foods. He liked Pizza, cheese sticks, chicken wings, potatoes, brownies, chocolate cookies. He loved to bake brownies with his girlfriend Monica. When I come from food shopping, the first food items  Patrick goes through is the loaf of white bread. He started to eat couple of slices at the time. Patrick loved to drink chocolate milk. I used to buy six gallon of milk a week because the boys go through a lot of chocolate milk a day. Every Friday when I see a box of pizza on the kitchen table I knew it was from Patrick. He ordered pizza every Friday with Monica. God, I miss him, his memories so much. I can't understand why Patrick is not here? It does not make sense.

Patrick enjoyed ordering Pizza, cheese sticks, chicken wings on Fridays with
his girlfriend Monica.

Patrick, also enjoyed baking some brownies or chocolate cookies  with Monica.
These two were a great team... couple. Today, everything is gone in a blink of the eyes.
It's so unfair. Life is unfair.

  Patrick could drink chocolate milk or eat his white bread all day.

Pineapple juice was his most favorite beverage, next to his chocolate milk.
Ovaltine milk is a very nutritious, delicious drink, for that, the boys go through
six gallons of milk per week. I usually get the milk at Cumberland Farm. The clerks always say, " Why don't you get yourself a cow instead?"

 Patrick had always enjoyed his glass of chocolate milk and some slices of white bread.
The chocolate milk had to be very strong. He just poured in the Ovaltine in a glass of milk without a spoon.  

Gosh, I miss my Patrick. Life will never be the same without my Patrick.
I will always have my four boys in my heart, soul, mind, and life.

Patrick and his brothers will always be bonded FOREVER.

Christmas was a special day for Patrick.  My four boys used to
wake at 5 o'clock in the morning on Christmas Day and knock  at my bedroom
door to get us up. The boys would not stop knocking and calling us until
mu husband and I wake up and open the door. Steve, Frederick, Patrick, and
Kevin would run drag us to the living room to open the presents. I miss those

May 10, 2007
Patrick went to West Warwick high with his younger brother, Kevin. Patrick was  thirteen months older than Kevin. After graduation, Patrick went to the Community of Rhode Island College for computer programming. It's so unfortunate that my son did not get the chance to fulfill his hopes and dreams. Why? I will never get my answer until I meet him. I love you Patrick.

July 15, 2009
Patrick attended West Warwick high school and graduated in 2007. He went to the community college right after high school to major in computer programming. Patrick was a quiet, kind person, son, brother, and friend. He has left me in shock, lost, confused, helpless, hopeless, and in a lot of anguish.  I wish I knew what  really happened at the hospital before they had sent my son home for the last time of his life. Why the doctors did not help my son? I need some answers. I miss my son so much it aches deep into my soul. Patrick was too quiet to ask for help. I wish  my son told me about his headaches that unfortunate weekend. I wish I didn't believe the doctors at the ER and seek another opinion... what can I say? I trusted the doctors to help my son,and now I am here with a hole in my chest and my son far away from me. I love you Patrick.

                                            MY FAMILY IS FOREVER: PATRICK IS STILL ALIVE!!!

                                                     MY ETERNAL FAMILY: LOVE NEVER DIES  

                                                     PATRICK'S LIFE, FAMILY: BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES

                                                       PATRICK'S MILESTONES: A BEAUTIFUL SON

                              A tall young man with a heart of child.
                              As Patrick was growing up, his body was
                              changing but his beautiful heart never grow out his
                              childhood. Patrick left a tremendous impression with his family
                              everyone he came in contact in his short life.
                              Patrick was a garden of flowers.

                                                WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU
                                                 LIFE IS EMPTY WITHOUT YOU
                                                  BUT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE IN MY HEART.